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· Jan 22, 2019

InterSystems HealthShare Health Connect 2019.1 preview

The preview release of InterSystems HealthShare Health Connect 2019.1 is now available!

Kits and container images are available via WRC's preview download site.

InterSystems HealthShare Health Connect version 2019.1 is the first version of InterSystems HealthShare Health Connect synchronized with InterSystems IRIS, and includes many new features and capabilities, most notably:

  • FHIR STU3 Support
  • Java Business Hosts
  • Managed File Transfer (MFT)
  • Containerized and cloud deployment
  • New interoperability capabilities that speed configuring and troubleshooting of productions

These are detailed in the draft documentation and release notes for InterSystems HealthShare Health Connect

(Note that the Health Connect documentation is currently available only to registered healthcare customers via an SSO login.)


Preview releases allow our customers to get an early start working with new features and functionality.   They are supported for development and test purposes, but not for production.   This preview release does not provide an upgrade from earlier versions of InterSystems HealthShare Health Connect; if you are interested in testing the upgrade process, please contact your InterSystems representative.

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