Evgeny Shvarov · Feb 23, 2016

InterSystems Global Summit 2016 MVP Contest Update!

Hi, Community!

There are only six days left to win InterSystems Developer Community MVP prize.

As it was announced in addition to Free Registration on InterSystems Global Summit winner gets 4 nights stay in the Arizona Baltimore, Waldorf Astoria Resort.

We measure contribution to Developer Community on valuable posts and comments and prepared special leaderboard built on InterSystems DeepSee.

By default, it shows all the members. We added the filter to the dashboard to show leaderboard without members who are InterSystems employees.

So here is current leaderboard without InterSystems members:


Win MVP and come to InterSystems Global Summit 2016!

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I would add "Go Scott!" 

If you change filters to February scope there is  following picture for top 20:

Where are your new cruel questions? )

I've been very sick the last week :(

The original post talked about accounting for "number of votes a post received".  How is this reflected in these numbers?

We have a formula which summarize votes for posts, votes for comments.

It also gives some score for comments in your post.

It counts points also for your comments in other posts - e.g. for your answer on the question.