Evgeny Shvarov · Apr 3, 2020

InterSystems Developers Community Release, April 2020

Hi Developers!

In March 2020 we improved again developers community engine and introduced the following new features:

  • PDF export and print option for every post;
  • more than one accepted answer;
  • filter mentioning for silent members;
  • bug fixes and minor enhancements.

See the details below.

PDF export and print option for every post

With this release you can export in pdf or print every post. You can make it with two buttons in the top right corner of the post, see screenshot:

More than one accepted answer

Often we have situations when the question has more than one reply and several replies could be considered as an answer. And previously you should choose which one to accept. With this release, you can choose several replies as accepted answers in one question to make people understand which replies answer it.

Check your questions with no accepted answers and see maybe you have answers already.

Exclude silent members from mentioning 

This enhancement improves mentioning by excluding members who never posted from the options list. This will helps also with duplicated accounts filtering the list to active members only.

Bug fixes and small improvements

As always we fixed a lot of minor bugs, such as the bug in a search, improved events management and so on. 

Check the full kanban of solved issues in March 2020. Here is the planned kanban for April 2020.

Submit your ideas, bug fixes, contribute to Developers Community and stay tuned!

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