Shane Nowack · Apr 11

InterSystems CCR Technical Implementation Specialist Certification Exam is now LIVE!

Get certified on InterSystems CCR!

Hello Community,

After beta testing the new CCR Technical Implementation Specialist exam, the Certification Team of InterSystems Learning Services has performed the necessary calibration and adjustments to release it to our community. It is now ready for purchase and scheduling in the InterSystems certification exam catalog. Potential candidates can review the exam topics and the practice questions to help orient them to exam question approaches and content. Passing the exam allows you to claim an electronic certification badge that can be embedded in social media accounts such as Linkedin.  

If you are new to InterSystems Certification, please review our program pages that include information on taking examsexam policiesFAQ and more. Also, check out our Organizational Certification that can help your organization access valuable business opportunities and establish your organization as a solid provider of InterSystems solutions in our marketplace. 

The Certification Team of InterSystems Learning Services is excited about this new exam and we are also looking forward to working with you to create new certifications that can help you advance your career. We are always open to ideas and suggestions at

One final note: The Certification Team will be proctoring free certification exams ($150 value) at Global Summit 2022. All of the products in our exam catalog will be available. The summit will be in Seattle, WA from June 20-23. All individuals registered for the Summit will be eligible for one free certification exam (that must be taken during the Summit at one of the live proctoring sessions).

Looking forward to celebrating your success, 

Shane Nowack - Certification Exam Developer, InterSystems

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@Shane Nowack  - thank you for this tremendous news!!  A hearty congratulations to you and to everyone who helped to get to this moment of full certification exam launch!  

@Evgeny Shvarov  / @Community Manager  - Does the D.C. provide a way to display / share InterSystems Professional Certifications in a member's profile?  If so I would love to see the instructions, and if not then perhaps we could consider it an enhancement request?  

A second request would be to see a list of everyone who has publicly listed a specific certification (e.g. a catalog of experts).  Has any thought been put into that?