· Nov 28, 2019

InterSystems Cache DSN



I work with Ensemble Business Operation with SQL Outbound Adapter. I try to query a DSN defined database that happens to be Cache on the same machine in the same instance of Healthshare 2017.1.3. This worked fine on Linux server when I used JDBC driver. Now I want to run it on my Windows 10 laptop. I set up DSN and I can test connection successfully. I provided DSN in Operation DSN setting and I tried with and without Credential. I get ERROR <Ensd>ErrOutConnectFailed: ODBC Connect failed for 'myDSN'  / 'myDSN' with error ERROR #6022: Gateway failed: DSN/User Connect.


I tried to set up SQL Gateway Connection. I choose ODBC. I only see two DSN which were created by install for Samples and User databases. 


Any advice is welcome and will be appreciated.

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