Raghu Kodumuri · May 8, 2017

Inter Process Communication without storing the data on Cache.Dat


I am wondering if there any mechanism available in the Healhtshare where send a request from the service to the operation without storing the Data on CACHE.DAT?

My company going to receive ADT's and CCDA's from an external source (Hospital), The incoming data will have two kinds of patients, our patients, and not our patients.  We do not want to keep the data on our servers of those patients that do not belongs to our company due to HIPPA complaint

Looking forward to hearing great ideas from this community.

Thank you


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I'm not able to answer your question, but I think you'll have a better chance of finding someone who can do if you edit your post and tag it with Ensemble and HealthShare. Also worth mentioning that the "Developer Community" tag is primarily intended for feedback about the DC software itself.

Thank you, Evgeny. This is exactly what I am looking. Can I log the information to the event log using Non-Persistent approach?




Hi, Raghu.

There was an article about that.  Pinging  article's author @Istvan Hahn to provide more comments if it relates to your question.