.INT file not generated

After compilation of routine .int file is not generated and toggle breakpoint is also not visible for that routine.
It is showing error #5001 Editing of INT file is not allowed. How can I resolve this ?

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Compile your routine/class with the 'k' flag (eq. /keepsource).  Otherwise the ObjectScript compiler throws away the .int code.



Is it possible to add a bit more information? I'm guessing (but it's just a guess) that this is something set up on your server itself -- the #5001 is a user defined error and can say "anything" the programmer wanted.

If what you're editing is a class, I wonder if the code in that class is defined as [ ReadOnly ] and when modification is attempted that it's checking for changes and throwing the error...

I did try editing a straight .INT routine mapped to a new database, make a change but don't compile, then dismounting and remounting the datatabase in Read Only mode and compiling -- you get quite a few <PROTECT> errors and a "#5883: Item 'QQQ' is mapped from a database that you do not have permission on" showed up, but nothing like what you described above.

I know this isn't much, but I hope it helps!