Jeff Gnatek · Jul 24, 2017

Installation problems with Cache

Hi all, I'm running into an issue with the installation, it seems like almost everything is working alright but upon trying to actual access the Management Portal, the site cannot be reached. I've noticed that the terminal indicates that Sign-on is inhibited. 

To add some context, I've installed Cache following the Unix instructions for MacOS (El Capitan). I can share the log or any other info that may be helpful. Here is some of the terminal output from the installation if it would prove at all helpful. I have tried running 'sudo chmod +x' on the cache folder which did not make any meaningful changes. I also cannot stop or restart the instance because Sign-on is inhibited. Any thoughts? 

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Did you install as root user or sudoing?

Also I prefer to create a specific user/group to own the instance not use root/Admin. This sound as a privileges problem for me.

Can you force the stop, remove the instance an install again?

I was sudoing. So in this case (before I do the reinstallation), would it have been better to use the root user or just create a new group and give permission to just that group? 

The installation should be done using root or sudoing. Moreover in order to use a specific user/group to owner the instance, I normally create first the user and add it to Wheel, Admin and any group you want, and after:

[root@xxx]# ./cinstall

Your system type is 'Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (x64)'.

Enter instance name <ENSEMBLE>: 

Enter a destination directory for the new instance.

Directory: /engine/ensemble

Directory '/engine/ensemble' does not exist.

Do you want to create it <Yes>? 

Select installation type.

    1) Development - Install Ensemble server and all language bindings

    2) Server only - Install Ensemble server

    3) Custom

Setup type <1>? 3

Disk blocks required  = 2792344

Disk blocks available = 15482688

How restrictive do you want the initial Security settings to be?

"Minimal" is the least restrictive, "Locked Down" is the most secure.

    1) Minimal

    2) Normal

    3) Locked Down

Initial Security settings <1>? 2

What user should be the owner of this instance? ensemble

A Cache account will also be created for user ensemble.

Install will create the following Ensemble accounts for you: 

_SYSTEM, Admin, SuperUser, CSPSystem and ensemble. 

Please enter the common password for these accounts: ensemble

Re-enter the password to confirm it: ensemble

What group should be allowed to start and stop

  this instance? ensemble

Do you want to configure additional security options <No>? y

What is the effective group for Ensemble processes <cacheusr>? ensemble

What is the effective user for the Cache SuperServer

  and its jobs <cacheusr>? ensemble

Hope helps


Thank you very much David. It's working now and the management portal is working! 

when status is sign-on inhibited, the way to put down caché is using ccontrol force or cforce command from the .../bin folder.

what does cconsole.log show?

are these the last cconsole.log lines?  have you forced down caché?

try to force it down, apply the chmod -R +x in the manager directory and start it again


I was able to get it running with David's help as well as using 'everyone' as the group. I'm not sure which change got things working, but it is. 

usually in unix enviroments user and group should exist berfore installing Caché. In production machines it's not recommended everyone as the group, but if the machine is personal, this isn't an issue.  

Try to review the pre-installation tasks (or pre-requisits for installation) in the installation guide.

It should bring some light to the process.