Sairam Illa · Jul 8, 2019

Installation errors on macOS

Getting an error while installing on macOS. Somebody, please help.

Please review the installation options:

Instance name: hl7cache
Destination directory: /Users/Downloads/HL7/Cache
Cache version to install: 2018.1.2.309.0su
Installation type: Development
Unicode support: N
Initial Security settings: Minimal
User who owns instance: root
Group allowed to start and stop instance: Admin
Effective group for Cache processes: cacheusr
Effective user for Cache SuperServer: cacheusr
SuperServer port: 1972
WebServer port: 57772
JDBC Gateway port: 62972
CSP Gateway: using built-in web server

Client components: all

Do you want to proceed with the installation ? Yes

Starting installation...

cp: /Users/Downloads/cache-2018.1.2.309.0su-macx64/docs/install/.DS_Store/*: No such file or directory

Couldn't install all projects.

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you can delete all .DS_Store folders and repeat install. This command will delete these folders, which not supposed to be there.

find /Users/Downloads/cache-2018.1.2.309.0su-macx64/ -name '.DS_Store' -delete

There are some reasons why you have those folders, but it is safe to just delete them.

Please check if there is really a file directory like this in your machine : cp: /Users/Downloads/cache-2018.1.2.309.0su-macx64/docs/install/.DS_Store