· Sep 26, 2021

Insert memo field via ODBC in PHP

Our company is using Cache FDBMS for Medtrak.

I am trying to insert a record with the following data types : date, time, string and memo field (multiline).  The SQL insert/update works fine without the memo field.  

Here's my SQL statement

Insert into MR_SUB (MRSub_Date,MRSUB_Time,MRSUB_Update,MRSUB_Desc) values(:DTE, :time, :use, :remarks)

Based on FDBMS docs. MRSUB_Desc is a multiline/memo data type 

Hope somebody can help.  Thanks

Product version: Caché 2012.1
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Hi. Awful long time since I looked at that tool, but Michel is probably right: it's to do with how the lines are defined.  I have a vague memory that "multiline" was actually provided as an array, not one string with delimiters. And the simple top of the array had a line count, e.g.


remarks(1)="first line"

remarks(2)="last line"

But I could be wrong.  :-)  Try the help on that "options" field.  / Mike