Glenda Anaya · Dec 19, 2019

Insert KeyName, DataValue in existing Lookup.Table via DTL transformation


Is there a way to insert new Key/Value in an existing  lookup Table via a DTL code?  The only thing I found in the documentation is that we could use the following command SELECT KeyName,DataValue FROM Ens_Util.LookupTable WHERE TableName = 'myTab'. In the meantime I just created a table and  used it in my DTL to insert new values and validate if the Key exist.



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You can use ClassMethod ##class(Ens.Util.Lookup).UpdateValue(pTableName As %String = "", pKeyName As %String = "", pNewValue As %String = "", pCreate As %Boolean = 1)

This will update the value of an existing entry with the supplied TableName and KeyName. If pCreate is true, then the entry will be created if it doesn't already exist

Hi Glenda,

How do you set up a table in a DTL to insert new values? I created a table but, haven't been able to call it in the DTL to replace values coming from the source. 

Thank you!