Incorrect grade/score calculation?

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As you can see, I got 100% in each section but 75% overall.  There was one I got wrong but then changed.  So either way, there is a disconnect between the breakdown and the total score.


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Hi Scott, I believe I have fixed the issue. Please check again and let me know if it still does not grade appropriately. Thanks to you and Peter for bringing this to our attention!

Well it still shows 75% for that course.  I tried resubmitting a few of the answers but since they were already checked I doubt it mattered.  When I have time to take another course I'll let you know if I have similar issues.

Hi Scott, thanks for following up on this. Please be aware that we've corrected the underlying issue with that course, but fixing your individual data may be more involved. We have submitted a bug fix for your issue, but it may take sometime to resolve fully. Note that your completion of the class will not be affected by your grade on this quiz.

I will email you directly if we need further information, and please let me know if you have further questions. Thanks again!


I got the same results for this specific course. Did you submit anything through the learning site? On the bottom of the "About" page, there is a contact section for feedback/questions. I can submit this if you have not already

This is the only place I submitted anything.  Feel free.

Ok, I have reported it to the learning services team to take a look at. If I receive any updates, I will let everyone know here