IIS and/or CSP Gateway configurations for accessing web application from a remote web server

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Hello everyone :-)

My colleagues and I have developed a (zen) web application that is now accessible from our main "DEV" web server. We would like to access it from another (IIS) web server, so that the related administration console would be separated from the rest of the applications (EnsPortal and so on). But we also want to use the same Ensemble instance, so that we would not need a completely new installation. And we don't want a straightforward redirection either (that would induce direct connection between clients and the DEV server). Our idea is more something like the new webserver would be at the middle between the clients and the DEV server, so that if the webapp is going down for any reason, the rest would go on working anyway.

 For this purpose, we are now thinking about configuring our IIS services (from Windows' Internet Services Manager) and/or the CSP Gateway (http://IP-address:57772/csp/bin/Systems/Module.cxw), and the related configuration files web.config and CSP.ini . For now, we didn't succeed in this configuration process, although we already found a way to:

-connect to the DEV server from the new one through Module.cxw;

-process a direct redirection through IIS and web.config.

Below is a picture about what we have in mind when thinking about this problem:

Here are some other technical informations in any case it would be useful:

-IIS version: 6.1 for Windows 7 prof.;

-$ZVersion: Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2017.2.1 (Build 801U) Wed Dec 6 2017 09:07:51 EST

Could you help us ?

Best regards,



Here's how you can do it:

  1. Download CSPGateway kit from WRC  for 2017.2.1
  2. Install it on a new server
  3. Connect it to IIS
  4. Open csp/bin/Systems/Module.cxw and add required application(s)

I think this documentation page describes exactly what you want to do.

Thank you for your quick answer. By the way, we actually managed to process the display of the app' in the new server from the other one without configuring IIS on the new server but only configuring its CSP Gateway (describing the other server and so on).

Now we are wondering how to allow the "https" feature to this application offered in the new server within http for now, but I guess it could be a subject for another topic...