idx and cache

I am new to cache. idx is a language for cache database? we have cache database on aix and planning to move to linux, but i was told only aix is supported since idx only works on aix. can someone help me to understand?

thank you very much.


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find here the list of supported platforms for Caché.

not clear what idx stands  for and how it relates.  At least It is no language for  Caché

Hi Robert,

I appreciated your time and help. The doc is very useful for me.

I was told idx is a system by GE and is used by health care industry and it uses cache database.

do you know anything about compatibility of idx and cache on which OS system it is certified?


I Googled just a few notes:
GE Healthcare to Acquire IDX Systems Corporation  (2005)

and  wiki tells me it runs on Caché:

But this doesn't tell us how it communicates with users and external devices.
Caché is definitely not blocking a move to Linux. 
C++ based connections may prevent it if you don't have the sources and a lot of experience to test and debug it.
Eventually, other members of the developers' society have more detailed insight.

But I think GE should know it.