· Aug 24

Ideas Portal - Add like to quizes

Hey guys,

I do love Global Masters (and all the rewards that I get from it) and one of my favourite activities is answering quiz questions. And just now I've had a really cute question What is the result of: WRITE "99" + "cents"? which brought a smile to my face (because I do love to add questions like this to the tests for my students). This made me think that I would really like to somehow show my appreciation to the author of this question. 

Thus, I created an idea to add something like a 👍 to a quiz question. And when the challenge disappears, send an automatic message to the author saying that, for example, 100 people liked your quiz question. Maybe go even further and have a monthly (bi-monthly or whatever) digest of the quiz questions with the most likes.

What do you think? If you like this idea, please vote for it on the Ideas Portal!

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