gerald hanford · May 23

I am trying to create a Simple BPL. I need a BPL that gets a stream container moves to the end of the stream and then add a sting to the end of the stream and then sends it to a business Operation.

I am using the EnsLib.File.PassthroughService class in the business service, this business service will accept a text file from a location and pass it through to the BPL as a stream.  I have been trying to work with the BPL in the GUI and I have been reading the documentation and trying to get it to work but I can not I continue to get errors and I am not sure why. 

I will attach the Photos of what I have been trying, I think there is a problem with my call action because when I try and trace the message the context of the file does not even make it to the business operation.

Below you will find the BPL, I do not think it should be super difficult however I can not get it to work. I have been reviewing the documentation but it has not helped. I still can not get it to do what I want it to do. 

Any help that you can provide would be very helpful. 



Product version: Ensemble 2017.1
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Fortunately it's a simple issue. In your CALL action, you need to add a "Request Action" and set callrequest to the object you want to send to the BO. It looks like you're just modifying the inbound request so you could just set callrequest to request.

Modifying initial request is debatable .

Rather I'd recommend setting a status variable to callrequest.Stream.CopyFrom(request.Stream).

This way request remains immutable.