How to view an InterSystems Cache backup

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I am new to InsterSystems Cache - having a SQL Server background.  However I am dealing with a Third Party who use InterSystems Cache to hold some of our data.  To do some analysis I need to view a backup of the database.  They are prepared to send me a backup.

My question is - how can I view this backup ( would this be the CACHE.dat file?).

Do I effectively need to have an installation of CACHE on my machine to be able to view this?  Is it possible to view it from SQL Server?  

Any help would be appreciated.



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#1) if it is a Caché Backup you need an Installation of Caché to restore it.

#2) if it is a CACHE.DAT file you also need an installation of Caché and mount this as an additional DataBase.

Without the installation of Caché it's a thrilling exercise to high-level experts. Not really advisable.

try to have the same processor type { big / little endian :== (Intel/AMD) or not } as the original Caché instances. This saves some headache.

Forget about SQL Server. Caché is far more  efficient and advanced technology!

Hi Robert - thanks for confirming this for me.  Regarding Cache/SQL Server I am certainly open to exploring Cache further.  Thanks, Colin