· May 4, 2018

How to use MS Exchange wsdl


We are trying to create a new operation wich gets a XML message and send it's contents in an email.

We've used the SOAP Wizard to generate the Proxy Classes but now we are a bit lost...

What we are trying to achieve is to Create appointments in a Outlook Calendar and send emails.

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Hi Jaoa,

You need to make sure you check the "Create Business Operation" in the wizard and type in a valid package name for the operation, request and response classes (the text inputs below the tick box).

You then add the generated operation to your production and set the credential settings.

Next, look through the generated request classes and find the two classes that have the name of the methods that you want to call on Exchange.

If you send an instance of these request classes to the operation, then the operation will implement the method call with the given request details, it will then return a response object that will be derived from one of the generated response classes.