Joao Lazaroni · Feb 8

How to use an Global String as an ID to list a certain data

I have created a Class method to list employees that are subordinated to a certain boss. But I don´t know how to relate the data in the way it was given to me.

For Example:

  • ^Employee(IdEmployee) = Name

                  ^Employee(1) = "Jessica"

                    ^Funcionario(10) = "Rose"

  • ^HistEmployee(IdEmployee, Date) = Salary^Job^IdEmployeeBoss

                    ^HistEmployee(10, 64628) = "3500^Secretary^1"


So, based on this seetings, Jessica is Rose's boss. But I don't know how I can make a relation between that string and the subscript. Can someone help me?

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Yes, it is. I translated the text and forgot to change that last piece.