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How to use the cmd command line to compile cls files

How to use the cmd command line to compile cls files

Product version: IRIS 2022.3
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• classmethod CompileList(ByRef list As %String = "", qspec As %String = "", ByRef errorlog As %String, ByRef updatedlist As %String) as %Status

Compile a list of items specified in 'list' and separated by commas, or an array list("item.MAC")="". You can also use ? or * wild cards and if you wish to exclude items pass ' before the item name which also supports wild card, e.g. "User.*.cls,'User.T*.cls". Each item on the list is sufixed by the type of item it is so to compile a class and a routine you could specify 'class.cls,routine.mac' The order of compilation is INT, CLS, MAC, CSR, CSP.
qspec is a list of flags or qualifiers which can be displayed with 'Do $system.OBJ.ShowQualifiers()' and 'Do $system.OBJ.ShowFlags()'. Note that while /mapped=0 qualifier applies to the pattern passed in by only searching the default routine database, however any compile is done in the current namespace. So it is possible a routine/class found with /mapped=0 may not be visible in the current namespace or may be a different version if there are complicated package mappings.