Purushothaman T... · Mar 3, 2021

How to update Ensemble - Business Hosts settings (default and custom settings) through code ?

Hi ,

I have a requirement to programmatically fetch and update a Business Process Setting . It's a custom property , added in extended class .

I am trying find a sample, but no luck. 

Could any one help me ? 

$ZV: Cache for UNIX (Red Hat Enterprise Linux for x86-64) 2017.1.3 (Build 317_0_18252U)
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Thanks for your response.

The above link gives an option to get the setting. But I also need the piece to update the setting value programmatically. 
Since it's a list of object and a serial object . i am not finding to set and Save them using ObjectScript. 
Any help will be appreciated.

The comments talk about modifying a setting too.

In general you need to open a corresponding Ens.Config.Item, adjust settings properties and save it. And activate changes in production of course.

Here's an example.