Viroj (Pat) Pad... · Jun 11, 2020

How to set HL7 value inside "code" in the DTL

Hello, In the DTL, is there a way to set a value for the HL7 data element in the code section? For example, set target.SetValueAt("PID:3(k1).1)") = mrn (mrn is the value returned from the SQL query) When I ran the test utility, I got this error message. ERROR ErrException: zTransform+27^testclass.TEST.1 *SetValueAt,EnsLib.HL7.Message -- logged as '-' number - @' set target.SetValueAt("PID:3(k1).1)") = mrn' I tried both target.SetValueAt("PID:3(k1).1)") and target.GetValueAt("PID:3(k1).1)"). That didn’t make a difference. The code still error out. Thank you in advance for your input.

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Hello Viroj,

You need to pass the value and path into the first and second parameters of SetValueAt respectively. Check out the following example:

Using Code and SetValueAt

Hi Vic,

I saw the document earlier, but I didn't know how to apply to my code. In my example, is the value = mrn and path = PID:3(k1).1?

Thank you,

You can find a bunch of examples of using SetValueAt around the community, but based on what you said yes that seems right.