· Oct 16, 2018

How to set File Name as parameter and not hard coded in File.OutboundAdapter

I would like that the file name will be a parameter that will be set by code and not hardcoded as in the image below


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Some business operations that use EnsLib.File.OutboundAdapter will pull the value for %f from a property in the request object. This would allow you to set that property in a DTL before sending it to the business operation.

But, it looks like you're using EnsLib.XML.Object.Operation.FileOperation, which doesn't do this. It uses the class name of the inbound object as the value for %f.

To create a filename programmatically with EnsLib.XML.Object.Operation.FileOperation, you can create a custom class that extends EnsLib.XML.Object.Operation.FileOperation and override the OnMessage() method. 

The relevant line in the standard OnMessage method is this. You can replace this with your custom logic:

    // Create output filename using the class name of the persistent class as the base.
    Set tFilename=..Adapter.CreateFilename($classname(pRequest),..Filename)