· Apr 3, 2017

How to resolve a key from CURRENTMEMBER.Property("prop") in MDX


suppose a part of my mdx query is [DIMENSION].[H1].[LEVEL1].CURRENTMEMBER.Property("PROP1").

If the source property of PROP1 is also used as a dimension level somehwere in the cube, this query will return a key  to the entry in the coresponding star table.

Does anybody know how I can follow that key and display the real value value?

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Hello Alexander,

I cannot reproduce the behavior you describe. Please check if you the correct notation which is Properties instead of Property:


If you are using it in a calculated member with the %MDX() function then this may be a problem that is already fixed in 2017.1. Which version are you using? You can download 2017.1 in the WRC to check if the problem is still there.

If it is also present in 2017.1 please open a WRC call.