· Feb 1, 2019

How to recalculate XSL pages from Portrait to Landscape

Hello all,

I have an XSL question and I wanted to see if someone within a community can help me out.  

To Summarize: I am working with XSL documents, single and multi-pages.  
Inside my style sheet XML document, which is supporting my pages, everything on the page, including a headers, footers and the items are calculated 
based on the portrait measurements. 
Pages come up on the screen as portrait, but sometimes, depending on dynamic data are wide, they do not print properly in portrait.

If I turn them to  print in Landscape, now the page fit fine, but the measurements which were calculated for portrait do not readjust and therefore I have issues, specially with footers, which are never at the bottom of the pages anymore.

Question: Is there a way to recalculate XSL pages and change them smoothly from Portrait to Landscape orientation when it's needed during the run or the other way around?
Secondly, is there a way I can specify the printing option -> Landscape from the start for some of my XSL pages, which do not fit well in portrait mode?. Basically I want to set the Landscaping printing mode as soon as I see that the data is too wide for portrait page and avoid the extra step of doing it by hand.

Thank you for your time,
Alex K

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