· Mar 9, 2022

How to preserve identity field value in target system same as source when we restored/import data from 2019 to 2021

Hi Team,

When I restored the database or import the data from source system to target system at that time how to Preserve source system identity value in target system.


Ankur Shah

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If you use the Backup and Restore functionality (^DBACK and ^DBREST) all identity values will be preserved.

If you are importing the data in another way you need to look at the $SYSTEM.SQL SetIdentityInsert ClassMethod, this allows you to insert id values when importing data through SQL statements for example.


Oliver already pointed you at the key setting for this, but I thought I'd include a snippet from and link to the corresponding doc as well

If Source has a foreign key public RowID, and you want Destination to have the same foreign key relationship, you must define Destination with the ALLOWIDENTITYINSERT=1 parameter. When defining Destination as a persistent class, specify Parameter ALLOWIDENTITYINSERT=1;. When using CREATE TABLE to define Destination, specify %CLASSPARAMETER ALLOWIDENTITYINSERT=1. If a table is defined as ALLOWIDENTITYINSERT=1, this setting cannot be changed by the SetOption("IdentityInsert") method.