Jack Trachtman · May 8, 2019

How to pass a piped cmd to the $ZF(-100, function

Unix:  I'm trying to switch to using the $ZF(-100 function in place of $ZF(-1.   I have it working for a simple, single, cmd, but can't figure out how to pass a piped sequence.  Maybe this just isn't allowed?

For example:

S sc=$ZF(-1,"ps -Af | grep username")

works, but I can't figure out how to format this for the $ZF(-100 function.



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Check $zg(-100) docs.

set cmd = "ps"
set arg = 4
set arg(1) = "-Af"
set arg(2) = "|"
set arg(3) = "grep"
set arg(4) = "username"
set sc  = $zf(-100, "/SHELL", cmd, .arg)

Alternatively you can wrap it in brackets

$zf(-100,"/SHELL", "(ps -Af | grep username)" ,"")

It somewhat defeats the purpose of $zf(-100).

Parametrized commands are generally better.

A valid point but it can depend on how the command string is formed in the first place, unless you write a parser to break a command string down into a command plus arguements.  I agree that you may as well use $zf(-1 but as the documentation will point you to use $zf(-100 then it can be valid.

It's also usefull to know you can use brackets in this way for general knowledge.