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How to learn on InterSystems Developer Community? Part 1

Hi developers,

In this post, we would like to tell you how to take the most out of the Developer Community, to learn as much as you can from the InterSystems experts on the technology!

Pay attention to these steps to become an advanced user of our community!

Follow the members you are interested in

You can follow any member of the Community if you like the content they publish. Just click the "Follow" button on the right sidebar of any member and you will be notified by email when that member publishes a post (article/question/announcement, etc.) on the Community.     

Also, in the top menu of the homepage, you can click on "Members" and search for a specific person or members with more views, or more likes... and start following them.


Follow the tags you are interested in

All the tags used to describe the posts on the Community can be found under the section "Tags" on the DC homepage:

In the DC Tag Tree, you can find topics you are interested in and follow related tags. Just select a tag and click on the "Follow" button next to it. When you follow any tag, you receive an email with all posts using that tag.


Tags we suggested to start from: Best practices | Tips and tricks | Beginner | Tutorial.

Follow the posts you are interested in

Following a post, you will receive (by email) all updates to that post, such as new comments, or if a second part is published, or any other activity related to the post you are following.

To follow a post, you just need to click the bell icon below each post:


-> How do I know which members, tags, and posts I'm following?

To know the members, tags, and posts that you follow, you just need to go to your account, in the upper right-hand corner:

and then go to "Subscriptions" in the left column:

At the bottom of this page, you can see and customize your subscriptions across three tabs – each showing the members, tags, and posts you are following. For example, the screenshots below show that the user is following some tags and DC members:



Note: If you want to follow members or tags in different languages, you need to switch your subscription settings to the language you are interested in.


Add posts to your bookmarks

Bookmark the post you like so you can access the post quickly and easily later.

If you like a post (article, question or announcement) and want to save it for later, you can add it to your bookmarks. This way, you can access the post quickly and easily and read it when you want.

To add a post to your bookmarks, you just need to click the star icon below each post:

To see all your bookmarks, go to your account and then to "Bookmarks" in the left column:

So, developers,

Please use all our DC features that can help you become an expert in InterSystems technologies!

And you're very welcome to submit other ways and advice on how to learn InterSystems Technology on Developer Community in the comments below.

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