How to immigrate calculated dimensions of a pivot table

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Hi guys,


I'm trying to immigrate some of my HealthInsight dashboards and pivot tables to another HS instance.


In some pivot tables, I defined them with a set of calculated dimensions defined in the analyzer, e.g as below:


Then when I exported the cubes and pivot tables in used to my new envirmonment. When I open my pivot tables again, the calculated dimensions are missing and hence my pivot tables no longer work:

Is there any way to export those calculated dimensions so that I can used them else where? 


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Hi, Lin!

You are creating this calculated dimensions as shared members. In this case, they are stored in some ^DeepSee.* global.

One of the options to avoid calculated dimensions' storage in the global and further deployment difficulties you can use calculated members with Shared Storage option turned off.

You can alter this option if you create calculated dimension in a named and saved pivot.

In this case, the calculated measure definition will be placed directly in the MDX query of this pivot thus you don't need to deploy it, cause it will live with the pivot.

A million thanks. This works and my pivot table can work now. 

I'll recommend it to my team members, thank you.

Hi Lin,

You can export shared calculated members and other DeepSee folder items to a container class, which will hold a version of those items in XML format. You can then import the folder items from the container class into the new environment. The documentation on this topic is here:

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Hi Samuel,


Thank you for your help. I'll try it and feedback later.

HI Samuel,

     I've tried several times using DeepSee Folder Manager to do the job but unfortunately it did not work.

The following is the steps I've tried, would you mind help me in figuring out what was wrong about them?

1. I've written a Cube class named as Test.TestCube, basically it is only a copy of HSAA.PatientCube. The definition of the cube was written as below:

Class Test.TestCube Extends %DeepSee.CubeDefinition [ DependsOn = (HSAA.Patient, HSAA.PatientOverrides, HSAA.PatientCurrentConditionsCube, HSAA.EnteredAtCube) ]

/// Cube definition from Architect.
XData Cube [ XMLNamespace = "" ]
<cube xmlns="" name="TestCube" displayName="TestCube" disabled="false" inheritsFrom="PatientDetails" abstract="false" actionClass="HSAA.KPI.PatientActions" owner="_SYSTEM" caption="TestCube" countMeasureName="%COUNT" bucketSize="8" bitmapChunkInMemory="false" precompute="0" disableListingGroups="false">


2. Then I defined a pivot table as GenderDistribution which depend on two calculated dimensions as Female and Male respectively:


3. then I first export the cube and imported it into another environment, compile and builded the cube


4. And I exported the pivot table with Folder Manager as below:

5. I updated the exported file to another instance and used Folder Manager to import it, but the calculated members are still missing and my pivot table fails to load: