Ayman Yousef · Aug 2, 2017

How i can maintain cache DB


I need support for my case!!
I have 18 GB health care cache Database i face delay with filter and transmit data around 20 - 45 Minutes, I need solution to fixed my issue.

I did Rebuild indexes & Tune Table .


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There is by no means enough information here to help you.  If this is an urgent problem, you should contact InterSystems Support.  Otherwise, we need a lot more information regarding what your problem is.

The first thing to check in Mgmt Portal is size of Global Buffers  - Rule of thumb: 50% of available RAM

Check Cache Efficiency in System Dashboard before and after restart

Thank you for you replay.

The memory 25% of the RAM and I checked cache efficiency before restart 77,644.17 after restart 69.25.

‎It really lacks a lot of information, but to be quick and straightforward, you could locate the bottleneck point and one of the ways to achieve this is by identifying the process that is slow.‎

‎In the administration portal, go through processes, find the process that is slow and keep updating it, see if it is running or if there is any routine that becomes more evident, so you can understand exactly what is happening.‎

‎If there are no crashes at specific points, it may be some repeating structure or something in the programming logic, so I recommend using the tool in this article:‎