Dhaval Shah · Jan 17, 2019

How to get Value of Collection of Collection?

Let Say I have 
Class Carrier Extends %Persistent

Property Employee As Array of Class Employees

Class Employees Extends %SerialObject

Property Name As %String

Property Address As Array of Class AddressDetail

Class AddressDetail Extends %SerialObject

Property Street1 As %String

Property Street2 As %String

I can get value for Employee Name  as Employee_Name.

But I want to Get Value of Address Street1 and Street2 of Class AddressDetail using SQL Query
How can I get that?

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Hello Dhaval,

I don't believe that there is a clean way to access the property you are looking for, though you may be able to finagle the data you need in SQL with the $list function.

On the first array level (Employee), Cache projects the property as a table, allowing for easy SQL access.  However, because Employee is not Persistent, it cannot project its address array property as a table.  Any SQL access will have to deal with the $listbuild that the second level array is stored as.

If possible, I would make Employee a stand alone table, maybe as a Relationship rather than an array.  

Thanks @Matthew Giesmann  , You were correct, it was getting Difficult So we made Employee a Standalone Table and other changes as well, then we gatered data using SQL Query.

Thanks @Muhammad Awan  as well, for quick help in the same.