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Hi Eduard!

Here is a simple way of finding it out:

select top 1 TimeLogged from ens_util.log

where configname='ABC_HL7FileService' 

and SourceMethod='Start' 

and Type='4' --Info

order by %ID desc

You put the logical name of your component on the configname. There is a bitmap index on both Type and ConfigName so this should be blazing fast too! Although, for some reason, the query plan is not using Type:
Relative cost = 329.11
    Read bitmap index Ens_Util.Log.ConfigName, using the given %SQLUPPER(ConfigName), and looping on ID.

    For each row:
    - Read master map Ens_Util.Log.IDKEY, using the given idkey value.
    - Output the row.
    Kind regards,