Semion Makarov · Aug 16, 2017

How to get the original name of columns in SQL queries if aliases are used?

I use %SQL.Statement. The original column names are not contained in the metadata.

Sample query:

 column1->name as name,
 column2 age
FROM sample.table

How to get:

  •  column1->name
  •  column2 
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I can get you column 2:

 w stmt.%Metadata.columns.GetAt(2).property.SqlFieldName

but I don't see a way to do this with Implicit JOINS (->).   You can get the table and kind of figure it out with something like this:

w stmt.%Metadata.columns.GetAt(2).property.parent.SqlTableName

w stmt.%Metadata.columns.GetAt(2).property.parent.SqlSchemaName

I think the question here is what are you going for in the bigger picture?  Perhaps there's another angle?

Thanks! My task: I get a SQL query from the service and return a list with column names. But it is important that the list contains the original column names.