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Hi Vivek!

Instead of &sql ... 

you can do:

write objExternalUser.%Id()

So, If I am using objExternalUser.%Id() then which Id I ll get

1) Id of record inserted by my objExternalUser.%Save() function?

2) Id of latest inserted record?

Sorry Vivek. My code provides you the Id of objExternalUser you save (possible create) above. It's 1).

It's not the latest inserted record. I thought you need:

I need RowId of inserted record.

Out of curiosity: why do you need the latest record?

Thanks Evgency,

I got my answer, actually I need the Id of record inserted by my objExternalUser.%Save() function and that I got by your answer( objExternalUser.%Id() )

When you create a class that the IDs are maintained by the system (standard class without modifying the storage, then  there is a  save  mechanism to give a new ID to every new object that is being saved to the database.

Of course that when multiple users are saving new data simultaneously , a specific process ID after a %Save() might not be the last one in the table.