Nicola Sartore · Nov 4, 2021

How to get the insert ID in SQL?

I want to INSERT a record in a database using JDBC in  OBJECTSCRIPT. At the same time, I want to obtain the insert ID. Is there a way to achieve this using the SQL Outbound adapter?

My code is something like this now:

Property Adapter As EnsLib.SQL.OutboundAdapter;

set sql = " INSERT INTO Prenotazioni_CUP "_
                  " (ID, cf
                  " VALUES (SEQTAB.NextVal, ?) "
set status = ..Adapter.ExecuteUpdate(.rs, sql, pRequest.cfAssistito)

Product version: IRIS 2021.1
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??? you seem to insert the ID already  ???
set sql = " INSERT INTO Prenotazioni_CUP "_" (ID, cf)"_" VALUES (SEQTAB.NextVal, ?) 
??? not clear what you are looking for ???

Yes in this case I can simply retrieve the ID SEQTAB.NextVal with another query. Thanks.

Try getGeneratedKeys() function


Would be great, but I don t have access to the java.sql package in my environment. Thank you for the answer anyway.

Try getGeneratedKeys() function