· Apr 14, 2022

How to get all extended classes from abstract class

Hi All....
its possible get all extended classes from abstract class? 

Could someone tell me a method that does this? or will I have to implement something by reading the data dictionary?

I am use cache 2018

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The class reference at will tell you about InterSystems supplied classes but it will not tell you about user written classes that are extended from a system supplied abstract classes nor about a user class extended from other user classes.

Look at the following with your browser:  http://localhost:57772/csp/documatic/%25CSP.Documatic.cls , where localhost is the system name on which you are running Caché and 57772 is the WebServer port of your Caché instance.  (If you were running IRIS your WebServer port would look something like 52773.)

Once you are on the Class Reference web page then navigate to find the particular class in which you are interested.  Look at the SubClasses Summary section to find inherited classes.  You can click on the an inherited class name to navigate to the Class Reference information of that class.

Sorry about that.  My browser only showed this part of the URL:  I did not notice ?... which indicated a longer URL than what I was really looking at.  The shorter URL I thought I was looking at gives the Class Reference page of the InterSystems documentation web site.

The SubclassOf query in ##class(%Dictionary.ClassDefinitionQuery) executed by a SQL SELECT command on a particular instance does provide a way to look at the subclasses of a class on that instance.  The query provides an even better way for executing code in program that needs to do a run-time search for information that is machine readable.

The local Class Reference web page supported by a particular Caché instance is probably an easier way to find a human readable display of the subclasses.  After clicking on a SubClasses Summary links then you probably want to again click on other links (especially the nested SubClasses Summary links.)