How to get Adapter property DISPLAYLIST values into SETTINGS parameter.

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I am able to get a service class property  DISPLAYLIST into the SETTINGS PARAMETER using the below example from the documention but I am not able to get an adapter property in the same manner. Is there a way to obtain the DISPLAYLIST values from an adapter property into the SETTINGS Parameter?

for reference I am extending the adapter: EnsLib.HL7.Adapter.TCPInboundAdapter

Example from documentation:






The way that I have resolved this in the past is to have two properties in my Production Item.

The first is called PropertyDescription and the second is called PropertyID . PropertyDescription is referenced in the SETTINGS parameter and the query returns the Display Value of my property, the second Property is flagged as CALCULATED and when referenced it invokes the PropertyIDGet() method which says

method PropertyIDGet() as %String {

'select ID into :tId from {table} where {table}.Description=:..PropertyDescription'

quit tId


In your case you would use the syntax  :