Nicky Zhu · Mar 17, 2021

How to generate SOAP client when there are '/' characters in WSDL type definition

Hi guys,

We are connecting to a 3rd party SOAP web service. The wsdl looks like below

Please notice that the portType was defined as /cvpService. 

Then when we are trying to use SOAP Wizard to generate a client for the service, we will encounter the following error which prevented the generation

It seems that '/cvpService'  can not be used as a valid class name (or even method name) thus the generation failed.

Thus I have 2 questions about the failure

1. Considering portType works as the definition of a SOAP operation, is it even valid to name the operation with a starting '/', do we have some restriction on the naming of portType from WSDL standard?


2. If the naming is actually valid, how can we then generate a web service client against it?



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Do you still expect some echo?
Or is the question meanwhile just out of date?

Hi Robert, how are you? The question has already been answered elsewhere. Thank you very much.

Thanks for the feedback. 
I'm fine, thanks for asking!