Giray Ozel · Apr 4

How does a WebSocket client fit inside a running production?

Given the following requirements about a WebSocket client:

  • Start with the production automatically
  • Try to re-establish a lost connection periodically
  • Send an Ens.Request to another production item when a message is received from the WebSocket server

Where in the production does the WebSocket client need to live?

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Should it be a WebSocket, or can it be a TCP counted socket connection?

If TCP counted, there are adapters available in Ensemble/IRIS, you  just need to create the business operation for the server-side, and the business service for the client-side.
You can use the EnsLib.TCP.CountedXMLOutboundAdapter  adapter, and the related inbound adapter.
In the operation you will have to serialise the Ensemble message to XML, and vice versa on the service.
Both these adapters have built-in functionality to ensure connections are up and running, and you can set up alerting controls on it.

I have never sent Ensemble messages directly like this to another instance, so I can't comment on if it will work or not.