· Jun 29, 2020

How do you identify orphaned classes?

Been cleaning up our production 2017.1 instance of Health Connect in preparation to a move to Health Connect 2020.1 (on IRIS!)

One thing I have found I we have built up a number of old classes and other configuration files.

It would be nice to start on the new server with a clean slate.

Is there any way to identify classes that haven't been used for a long time so they can be reviewed and removed?

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Could you add a little more detail on what you mean with "classes" and "used"?

If you are talking about generic ObjectScript classes and look at usage as plain invocations from any ObjectScript code, you may not be able to find that at all. If, on the other hand, you're looking for Business Services, Processes and Operations classes, there's a good chance we can pull much of that from available metadata (up to your most recent purge). Also, for persistent classes, you may be able to find whether they were recently accessed through SQL by looking into the Statement Index, but that of course only is about SQL and doesn't guarantee you they weren't used otherwise.