· Jul 11, 2016

How do I create a dimension with a hierarchical structure of grouping?

Is there any way of DeepSee support a hierarchical structure of grouping?


A product category structure:
- Code
- Name
- Group (parent)

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Hello Alexandre,

Yes, DeepSee supports hierarchical structures. 

DeepSee models are based on cubes, which define elements such as Measures, Dimensions, Listings, etc. The hierarchical structure in your question can be modeled using a Dimension containing one hierarchy with three levels. The levels in the hierarchy are, in order, the Group, Name, and Code levels. Once you define this model in Architect you will be able to use the hierarchical structure in DeepSee Analyzer.

This is the link to a video in the Video Portal. The video I link explains how to define Dimensions in DeepSee cubes:

This is the link to the "Defining DeepSee Models" book in the documentation:

I recommend reading section 2.2 "Dimensions, Hierarchies, and Levels". There you will find an example based on the Patients cube where an Age dimension (AgeD) includes one hierarchy with three levels ordered from the least to the most granular:

I also recommend reading section 4.6 "Defining Hierarchies Appropriately".