· May 23, 2016

How to Customize DeepSee map widget

I am wish to use the mapping widget provided with DeepSee with my own Google license.  What is the best way to make this happen?

(I apologize if this is a duplicate.  My first attempt did not seem to get posted) 

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No, you don't need gulp to use it. Gulp is used to make releases.

To use it on your  server do following:

Install MDX2JSON first.

  1. Download Installer.cls.xml (from MDX2JSON folder in repository or releases page) and import it into any namespace)
  2. Run in terminal (import namespace) under user with %All role:

    Do ##class(MDX2JSON.Installer).setup()

It will create MDX2JSON Namespace, will create /MDX2JSON webapp, make MDX2JSON package mapping to %All.

Check server:port/MDX2JSON/Test  that installation was successful.

Then download the recent DSWeb release and install it.

How to install:  download installer. Import it to any Namespace (f.e. User).


d ##class(DSW.Installer).setup()

It will create webapp, folder and will install the client.

To update DSW, run:

d ##class(DSW.Installer).update()