Scott Beeson · Jan 13, 2016

How to create content for child pages of a template?

I created a Zen page with a header. All is good. I then created a new Zen page and during the wizard specified that it was a "subclass of a template page". So now I have Class Custom.App.HomePage Extends Custom.App.TemplateMaster. If I visit HomePage.cls I see the header from the template. However, the HomePage class has no XData Contents section so I have no idea how to actually add content. I tried adding the section but once I do then I don't see the template content anymore.

So, how do I put content in a page that extends another page as a template?

The only documentation I found about templates doesn't really help and unfortunately I don't have access to the sample files mentioned.

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Templates in ZEN, is a quite simple as I think. When you doing template page just add <pane paneName="MainContent"/>. And then in a children, you should add XData with the same name "MainContent", which starting with tag <pane>.

XData MainContent
<pane xmlns="">

You should not rewrite Contects XData in children pages, and such subpanes could in the same class, or in children. 

Perfect!  Reminds me of Master Pages for older .NET applications.  This is what I suspected but since I didn't know the term "pane" I couldn't search the documentation.  Thank you!

Perhaps the docs I linked can be updated to reference the page on "panes"