Yone Moreno · Jun 24, 2020

How could we test a TCP HL7 service?



We wonder how could we send an HL7 message to a service to test it.

For example, we have a service, at localhost port 19111


We have tried to use SoapUI to send a REST POST request as follows:

At the event log we see the following trace:

Then, if we try with POSTMAN as follows:

We observe:



Would it be the only way to test services, pointing a TCP HL7 operation to the service, and send messages using the Test Action?

We mean that we are testing manually sending messages from the operation "ProbarADTs" to "Servicios.TCP.GeneralHospitalADT":


How could we do it from SoapUI or Postman?

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SoapUI and Postman use HTTP to send requests. HL7 over TCP (MLLP) is not an HTTP-based protocol.

You can use a business operation as you mentioned, or there are some commonly used third-party tools for testing HL7 interfaces, such as Interface Explorer.