Yone Moreno · Jul 15, 2020

How could we get the SourceConfigName from a Ens.Response sent by an Operation to the BPL?



We would need to know the Ens.Response SourceConfigName to identify which Operation has raised an exception.

We have tried:

$$$LOGINFO("..%Process.%PrimaryResponseHeader.SourceConfigName..: "_..%Process.%PrimaryResponseHeader.SourceConfigName) //It outputs an empty string
$$$LOGINFO("response.SourceConfigName: "_response.SourceConfigName) //It generates an exception


We would need to get from an Ens.Response which body is null, its SourceConfigName:


How could we know it? 📛

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Inspired by Cristiano Silva's answer, we have found the following way to get the desired property: