Aaron Vail · Oct 16, 2019

How can I view changes by users to a service, process, or operation?

As a normal IRIS user how can I view who's made changes to a process?  There are over 10 people on my current team and it would be amazing to be able to click on a process or rule and see who created it or who made the most recent changes.  I'm not seeing anything in the documentation.  Journaling doesn't seem to capture that information either.

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The audit log can provide information on who changed a production configuration, such as adding or modifying a business host configuration. It does not contain information on who modified or created a routing rule, DTL, BPL or other class associated with running a production.

For the latter you should consider implementing a Source/Version control system that controls how those components progress from development through QA to Prod and tracks who made those changes. Deltanji from George James Software is a strong contender in that area.