· Nov 2, 2018

How Can I get sentiment analysis from a source or entity from iKnow REST API?


How Can I get sentiment analysis (positive or negative attribute) from a source or entity from iKnow REST API?

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The SwaggerDoc for the iKnow REST APIs is also available online. Attribute information is relatively fine-grained and associated with entity occurrences aka sentence parts, which you can retrieve per sentence from the /domain/{domain}/sentences/{id}/details endpoint. The /domain/{domain}/entities series of endpoints are for unique entities, with which no occurrence-level information such as attributes is associated. Of course, you can also let attributes get rendered with highlighting rules, but I believe you want the attribute information in a more raw format, right? As an alternative to the REST API, you can get it from the SentenceAttribute and SourceAttribute views for your domain, as configured through the objectsPackage attribute in your domain definition (which you can of course wrap in a simple REST API of your own).

You might already have seen this article which, despite dating back two years, provides a full overview of how to feed and use sentiment attributes.

Hi Yuri,

Which endpoint did you use? And did you check whether there's any seed sentiment markers in your user dictionary as explained in this article? You can also check highlighting output in the general indexing results page to see if it's being picked up as expected.

Feel free to reach out directly to me and/or Fabio if you want.