· Jan 23, 2019

How to Call a Cache Routine from the .NET Cache Client using C#

Hi All,

Is it possible to call a Cache Routine using the .NET Cache Client instead of just SQL statements?

If so, can someone provide an example?

using InterSystems.Data.CacheClient;
using InterSystems.Data.CacheTypes;



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You could use the feature that any Classmethod may also serve as Stored Procedure.

Like this:

Class User.Remote
ClassMethod Echo(inout As %String) As %String [ SqlName = Demo, SqlProc ]
return "Echo:"_inout }

And then you may call your Procedure like this: getting back


getting back   

Echo:hello WORLD

All you have to care for is to return something.
what happens inside your ClassMethod is up to you and doesn't need to be related.