· Jan 24, 2017

How to calculate percentage of all for a member in DeepSee?

Hi, All!

What is the calculated measure expression for the percentage of a member?

Say in Holefoods I want to see in a Cols Online sales in Revenue, All the revenue and % of Online sales for the Revenue?

I have the following:

With expression:

SELECT NON EMPTY {NONEMPTYCROSSJOIN([Channel].[H1].[Channel Name].&[2],[Measures].[Amount Sold]),[Measures].[Amount Sold]} ON 0 FROM [HOLEFOODS]
How can I add the percentage of All in Revenue for Online channel?
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Michael thanks! It works for nonsliced data. But if I include dimensions on the rows it shows percentages which doesn't include Online dimension:

The MDX expression:

SELECT NON EMPTY {NONEMPTYCROSSJOIN([Channel].[H1].[Channel Name].&[2],{[Measures].[Amount Sold],%LABEL([MEASURES].[PCTMICHAEL],"","#%")}),[Measures].[Amount Sold]} ON 0,NON EMPTY [Outlet].[H1].[Region].Members ON 1 FROM [HOLEFOODS]

I mean, what should I do if I want to see 100% for Pct in Total row?