· Jun 20, 2018

How to add Javascript code to csp file down load application.

When I down load a file using a csp page, the application  shows  the percentage as  37 %, 74 %, and 100 %.    I am trying to make changes to the application that it shows one percentage after each read.  The first time it reads, it would display 37%.   The next run would replace

37 %  with 74 % and so on until it completes its download.   I have tried adding javascript code to the application  however it doesn't work.   For example when I enter &js('alert');, the application displays it value on the screen.  Also, I tryed putting it between two scripts tags and it doesn't work.

I can use html however I cannot update the line after it displays information.   Does anybody know how I can use javascript code with cache method?   

Below is my code:


<form enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post" action="upload20180615.csp">
    Enter a file to upload here: <input type=file size=30 name=FileStream>
    <hr />
    <ul><input type="submit" value="Upload file"></ul>

<csp:if condition='($data(%request.MimeData("FileStream",1)))'>
    <h2>Saving file...</h2>
    <h0 style="background-color:MediumSeaGreen;">Process status: </h0>
    <script language="Cache" runat="server">
        Set data=%request.MimeData("FileStream",1)
        Set stream=##class(%FileBinaryStream).%New()
        Set D=%request.MimeData("FileStream",1).FileName ;selected file
        Set Size=%request.MimeData("FileStream",1).Size 
        ;Set file=##class(%File).%New(D)
        L="" I=1:1:10 T=$P(D,"\",I) T=""  L=Q        
        DIR="F:\a misc\"
        X=$ZF(-1,"MKDIR """_DIR_"""")
        ;retrieve the file and place in the new placeo
        Do stream.LinkToFile(DIR_FILE)
        Set RTotal = 0
        While (data.AtEnd'=1) {
        Set len=32000
         Set x=data.Read(.len)
         Set RTotal=RTotal+len
         Set Percent = ((RTotal / Size) * 100) \ 1
         Do stream.Write(x)
         ;Write "<h>"_Percent_" % </h>"
          d=Percent s:$l(d)=2 d=" "_d=d_" %"
           ;Write "<h style=background-color:rgb(60,179,113);>"_Percent_" % </h>"
           ;&js< alert('hi') >
            &html< <h>#(d)#</h> >

Set Status = stream.SaveStream()
        If (Status = 1) {
            Write "<h2>Uploaded!</h2>"            
        Else {
            Write "<h2>Saving failed!</h2>"

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You try to upload a file and JS Code a the same time during your SUBMIT action.
so your &js< ...> lands every 32000 characters inside your file.

&js<..> is just a hidden WRITE and allows javascript syntax checking inside the <.. >


&js<alert('Unable to create user.');> 

is identic to 

Write "alert('Unable to create user.');",!

So your concept doesn't work that way
You would require a second independent JS routine in a browser to call for progress using CSP hyperevent.

Try the following example of uploading multiple files at once, showing the progress for each file you upload (without form, submit, iframe, jQuery, flash, java, reloading/redrawing the page):

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>Upload multiple files using XMLHttpRequest</title>

    <style type="text/css">
    .ok {

    #dropZone {
      width: 360px;
      height: 125px;
      borderdashed 2px #ccc;
      background-color: #fefefe;
      color: #ccc;
      padding: 125px 0 0 0;
<body onload="onloadHandler()">
<div id="dropZone">Drag and drop files here or use the button below</div>
  Select files
  <input type="file" id="fileToUpload" onchange="fileSelected(document.getElementById('fileToUpload').files)" multiple="multiple" />
<button type="button" title="Clearing the queue" onclick="clearList();">Clear</button>
<button type="button" title="Upload files to the server" onclick="upFile();">Upload</button>
<div id="holder"></div>
<script language="javascript">
function clearList()

function fileSelected(files){
  var holder document.getElementById('holder');
  for (var = 0; i files.length; i++) {
    var file files[i];

    var fileSize = 0;
    if (file.size > 1024 * 1024)
      fileSize (Math.round(file.size * 100 / (1024 * 1024)) / 100).toString() 'Mbyte';
      fileSize (Math.round(file.size * 100 / 1024/ 100).toString() 'Kbyte';
    var divInfo document.createElement('div');' ('+file.type+') - '+fileSize;

    var divProgN document.createElement('div');'progressNumber'+i;

    var prog document.createElement('progress');'progressValue'+i;


function upFile()
  while (fileQueue.length > 0) {
    var item=fileQueue.pop();

function onloadHandler() {
  if (typeof FileReader == "undefined") alert('Sorry, your browser does not support File API, so this demo will not work correctly');
  fileQueue new Array();

  uploadFile function (file, i) {
    var xhr new XMLHttpRequest(), upload xhr.upload, fd new FormData();
    fd.append('fUpload', file);

    function (evt) {
      if (evt.lengthComputable) {
        var percentComplete Math.round(evt.loaded * 100 /;

        document.getElementById('progressNumber'+i).innerHTML percentComplete.toString() '%';
        document.getElementById('progressValue'+i).value percentComplete;
      else {
        document.getElementById('progressNumber'+i).innerHTML 'Cannot calculate';
    }, false);
    upload.addEventListener('load'function (ev) {
      var c=document.getElementById('progressNumber'+i);
    }, false);
    upload.addEventListener('error'function (ev) {alert('An error occurred while trying to upload the file.');}, false);
    upload.addEventListener('abort'function (ev) {alert('The upload was cancelled by the user or the browser reset the connection.');}, false);'POST',window.location.href);
  dropZone.addEventListener('dragenter',  function(ev){
  }, false);
  dropZone.addEventListener('dragleave',  function(ev){
  }, false);
  dropZone.addEventListener('dragover',  function(ev){
  }, false);
  dropZone.addEventListener('drop',  function(ev){
  }, false);
<script language="Cache" method="OnPreHTTP" arguments="" returntype="%Boolean">
  #dim stream As %CSP.BinaryStream=%request.GetMimeData("fUpload")
  i $IsObject(stream{
    // make with the resulting file useful work
    ;s ^tmp($i(^tmp),"filename")=stream.FileName
    ;s ^tmp($i(^tmp),"filesize")=stream.Size
    q $$$NO
  q $$$YES